Having An Entrepreneurial Thought Process

When I first started online I definitely didn’t have an entrepreneurial thought process , had the same ideas that most people have when they first start out. The level of excitement is very  very intense, and that is I want to win big, I want the big house,  I want to retire, fire my boss, make $10,000 plus per month, pay off debts, get that dream car/s , take unsolicited vacations ,  I’m gonna travel the world and never look back, spend more time with family, I’m gonna be rich, I’m gonna be a multi – millionaire ( not that it’s not possible, it’s very possible ). These seem to be the normal responses for most, when it comes to making money online.  Truthfully, all of these wishes and desires are perfectly fine ,  but what I discovered was not having that entrepreneurial thought process, and a WHY , (which we will talk about in another blog), without this ,it won’t be much of those.

Why ……Having An Entrepreneurial Thought Process…… Is Important

I’m glad you asked why it’s important? For starters,most people  who come online looking for ways to make money are coming from and currently have an employee mindset, which is to be expected. It takes time to develop into having an entrepreneurial thought process. It’s called a  process not just because of the time it takes but also the changes that you will experience along the way. The highs and the lows of life and business, will be there to greet you of course. Most people that are employees to some company are used to being told what to do and where to go. Usually they are trained to do one or two things in the which they do all day, helping to build someone else’s empire. The possible danger to this is a person could potentially lose their internal creativity. Being an entrepreneur takes being innovative, and motivated without being told what to do . Kind of like going from high school to college, in high school your told what to do, but in college you have to be proactive, no one is looking over your shoulder and breathing down your neck. So as you see the difference in the mindsets, now the question is , are you a proactive (entrepreneurial thought process) type of person?

Steps to having an ……..Having An Entrepreneurial Thought Process

 As I said earlier it takes time to develop this entrepreneurial thought process, and to maintain it. However, the 1st step to take is the 1st step.

A few steps to take:

  1. Believe in yourself
  2. Listen to motivational audios or read on self development 10- 30 min daily
  3. Take imperfect on whatever business model you take interest in
  4. Become part of a mastermind of people who think like you think and are going in the same direction.
  5. Rinse and repeat over and over, making you better and better.

  …Your Entrepreneurial Thought Process Journey Begins Now…

A few success remedies to look at:

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Bless and Be Blessed,

Travis Thornton

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